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On CNBC today – putting another startup in the “Cold Seat”

Sep 28th 2016

Check out our show today with Restore Cryotherapy. A little off the beaten path from software, but a cool little company. I learn something every time I see a pitch.  It  is a complex game – there are guardrails that we … Continue reading

The Paradox of Tech M&A

Sep 12th 2016

A successful tech M&A firm sells companies that are not for sale to people who are not in the business of buying companies. Small technology companies have value to a wide number of industry partners, many of whom do not have active … Continue reading

Breaking news – Tune in for PowerPitch today 9/2 at 10:45AM Pacific

Sep 02nd 2016

Join us on CNBC today – Health tech startup MyHealth is in the hot seat. TechStrat founder Nat Burgess asks the questions that helps the panel decide who is “in” and who is “out”. Would you want to store your … Continue reading

Passion required (on CNBC at 10:00AM Thursday, 7/21)

Jul 20th 2016

Diana Lovett is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs I have met.  Like many entrepreneurs she is smart, tireless, focused and agile.  And she has another quality – one that is sometimes hard to quantify, but is a driving force … Continue reading

End of Year Message – Welcome to 2016

Jan 07th 2016

Greetings from the first month of what will be the biggest year ever in tech M&A. I’m late with my end of year email, which means I’ve had the benefit of updates from friends around the world. The mood in … Continue reading

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