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The Questions Entrepreneurs are Asking: Where is the Market Going?

Feb 21st 2017

Only a fool tries to time the market.  But only a fool ignores the importance of market timing.  I know many entrepreneurs who tried to sell too late – but not many who sold too early.  If you are a … Continue reading

Exit Planning: When to Start?

Feb 14th 2017

You need to be thinking about the exit from the very beginning. Start with the exit in mind. That doesn’t mean it is a main topic in staff meetings, or something you discuss with partners.  It certainly doesn’t mean you … Continue reading

Why Amazon M&A Dropped 7x in 2016 – Conversation with Geekwire

Feb 10th 2017

  Why did Amazon’s M&A activity drop 7x from 2015 to 2016?  Geekwire’s Todd Bishop explores this topic in depth, with input from TechStrat. Click here for the full article.  

The Questions Entrepreneurs are Asking: What is My Company Worth?

Feb 07th 2017

Over the past months we have heard several questions more than once.  Here, we take a quick look at the second one on the list. What is my company worth? Let’s understand the context first. Process creates value.  A buyer … Continue reading

The Questions Entrepreneurs are Asking: How to Build Value

Jan 31st 2017

Most of our clients are entrepreneurs.  When they ask questions, we listen.  Here are some of the recurring themes in our dialog over the last few months.  Let’s explore the first one:   Are there steps I can take now … Continue reading

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