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Reflecting on RSA 2017 San Francisco

Mar 21st 2017

The RSA conference has been a highlight of my technology year since the early 2000s.  As with any conference it is easy to become jaded; each year we see a new generation of freshly-funded hopefuls, their booth armies fueled by … Continue reading

Operating Division or Technology Tuck-in: Being Realistic About Where You Fit in the Acquiring Company

Mar 14th 2017

Indulge me in a ridiculous metaphor. Are you a kidney – an organ that will be transplanted into a new host? Or are you a soldier – self-contained unit that will operate independently and report back up to the host? … Continue reading

Acquisitions at Google Scale

Mar 07th 2017

I have negotiated two successful acquisitions of startups by Google (Alphabet) as the lead negotiator and M&A advisor for the seller (Phatbits, Instantiations), and have been involved as in investor and/or board member with several others. Google has been a … Continue reading


Feb 28th 2017

Steve Jobs used was obviously a brilliant product designer and marketer, but I would argue that Apple became successful by becoming relevant to their customers. Take iTunes as an example. CDs were a great medium for music. They could be … Continue reading

The Questions Entrepreneurs are Asking: Where is the Market Going?

Feb 21st 2017

Only a fool tries to time the market.  But only a fool ignores the importance of market timing.  I know many entrepreneurs who tried to sell too late – but not many who sold too early.  If you are a … Continue reading

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