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FSBO Pitfalls

May 24th 2017

I’ve heard first-time CEOs tell me they’re going to manage the sale of their company themselves. I’ve also heard experienced CEOs who are veterans of multiple successful exits tell me that they would never manage the sale of their company … Continue reading

2017 Synergy Tech Startup Contest: picking a winner

Apr 12th 2017

When TechStrat was asked to participate in the 2017 Synergy Contest for startups in the Pacific Northwest, we jumped at the chance.  We don’t get a lot of opportunities to hang out with startups – our clients come to us … Continue reading

Reflecting on RSA 2017 San Francisco

Mar 21st 2017

The RSA conference has been a highlight of my technology year since the early 2000s.  As with any conference it is easy to become jaded; each year we see a new generation of freshly-funded hopefuls, their booth armies fueled by … Continue reading

Operating Division or Technology Tuck-in: Being Realistic About Where You Fit in the Acquiring Company

Mar 14th 2017

Indulge me in a ridiculous metaphor. Are you a kidney – an organ that will be transplanted into a new host? Or are you a soldier – self-contained unit that will operate independently and report back up to the host? … Continue reading

Acquisitions at Google Scale

Mar 07th 2017

I have negotiated two successful acquisitions of startups by Google (Alphabet) as the lead negotiator and M&A advisor for the seller (Phatbits, Instantiations), and have been involved as in investor and/or board member with several others. Google has been a … Continue reading

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