TechStrat and BrandVerity explored multiple potential M&A opportunities together and ultimately concluded that highest value for shareholders and customers would be achieved by incorporating BrandVerity’s proprietary, patented solutions into the Partnerize platform, enabling brands to facilitate more effective partnerships and ensure strong brand protection and compliance.

“By joining Partnerize in their mission to help brands grow customer relationships and revenue through the partnerships channel, we have the opportunity to serve a massive and growing business need,” said David Naffziger, CEO of BrandVerity. “Performance-based relationships drive the digital marketing category, whether in the form of paid search, digital media, or the many types of performance partnerships brands use to go to market. Transparency and robust brand protection create a win-win-win for brands, partners, and consumers.”

We congratulate the BrandVerity and Partnerize teams on completing a highly strategic transaction in spite of a disrupted market.

TechStrat is actively engaged with clients in partner relationship management, marketing automation, and related segments. We continue to advise clients on targeted, strategic acquisitions as outlined in our recent post, “The Pandemic has Altered your M&A Options”.