A transaction is a means to an end, not the end of the story.

Our goal is for every midmarket technology client to look back on our achievements together and to say “I’m glad I did that.”

Here's what we believe

An M&A approach should fit your needs

An M&A approach should fit your needs

Midmarket deals pose a number of challenges:

Deals are harder to close and generate lower fees than large transactions. Deploying an experienced, high-quality team for these kinds of deals requires a different financial and HR model — one that creates and aligns economic incentives between client and advisor.

Midmarket companies typically lack financial scale and market reach. Midmarket companies often can’t deliver an immediate strategic advantage to (or threat against) a buyer. So the buyer universe is limited to smaller firms — or large firms that are prepared to allocate sufficient resources to grow the business after acquiring it. It takes specialized, focused attention to create interest with large buyers, or to structure deals with small buyers.

Companies often lack polish. Midmarket companies are not as complete in their corporate infrastructure and product development, which means they encounter more red flags during due diligence than large companies – unless they work with an experienced advisor to minimize these issues.

Successfully closing a midmarket deal requires holistic leadership. Our team is especially effective in our practice because we provide guidance across all aspects of deal management: finance, legal, operations, and negotiation.

You deserve to have great dealmakers working for you

You deserve to have great dealmakers working for you

In the age of LinkedIn, Crunchbase, CB Insights, and other online resources, it’s more important than ever for an advisor to provide insights and guidance, and not simply rely on a database or corporate Rolodex.

We know the software and services industries inside out. After 20 years and over 100 transactions, we count many of the dealmakers in the industry as personal friends. We have experience in dozens of vertical markets, and have completed horizontal market transactions with Google, Microsoft, and other industry leaders.

We have assembled a team with the experience, leadership skills, energy, client focus, and innate negotiating abilities to make deals happen.

Our success should be measured by the effort we invest in you

Our success should be measured by the effort we invest in you

We never measure success by the number of clients we engage.

The highest and best goal of our process is a sale. And while not every client reaches an M&A transaction during the engagement period, every client starts with a viable plan and target, and receives high – quality assistance and support in achieving their goals.