“Start With The Exit In Mind” – M&A in the time of COVID-19 – Archived webinar linked below

Last year there were over 100 local CEOs in the room for our joint tech M&A presentation with K&L Gates.  This year the AoA adapted to our Covid-19 reality by hosting the event on Zoom, where we had a great turnout and a lot of new themes to discuss.

For CEOs, executives and investors who are planning for an M&A event, we encourage you to watch the entire presentation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch

If you just came: for the new themes relating to dealmaking in the pandemic, let us summarize them here.  The main takeaway is that the pandemic has created pent-up demand for tech M&A.


Q2 Impact:

-Tech M&A Down 90% YoY in April 2020
-An informal poll of corporate development leads at large, acquisitive company revealed a median drop in inbound deal flow from 15 per week, to 2 per week between April and June
-Companies drew down their revolving credit lines and sat on cash, which tied up commercial lenders and slowed their new activities.

Q3 Recovery:

-Deal flow rebounded, lenders and Sponsors moved down market
-Hospitality, Travel, Payment Processing for Retail, Energy – slow to recover
-Boost for Remote Learning, Cloud Comms, Collaboration, Digital Transformation, Business -Services
-Pressure to make up for lost time, close deals by year

Please feel free to review the entire presentation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch