TechStrat was pleased to participate in Iinnovate’s comprehensive survey of trends and resources in the Pacific Northwest Innovation Ecosystem


Congratulations to Joe Ottinger and Iinnovate for publishing the most complete and insightful report on our home market, ever.

Some highlights:

• 2018 saw the largest growth in new, local tech venture capital firms in a decade (With a listing of the most active local and out-of-state firms)
• Last year saw shrinking amounts of money invested in early stage tech deals (With a listing of early stage angel networks, seed investors, startup studios, family offices, and strategic investors)
• 7 out of 10 of the top office tenants in Greater Seattle are Tech Companies (With a comprehensive listing of spaces, incubators, accelerators, and real estate brokerage firms)
• Women-led tech and life sciences companies account for only 3% to 8% of the total (With resources to support women leaders including a listing of women’s tech and life sciences organizations, women angel investors, and more)
• Greater Seattle has strengthened as an regional and global innovation center (With a snapshot and report card of the Greater Seattle innovation economy and an index to major cross-sector initiatives and organizations)
• Greater Seattle has become a global leader in a number of technology areas including cloud computing, machine learning, and next generation e-commerce (With a listing of meet-up groups in those and other areas)
• New tech jobs in Greater Seattle over the last few years have grown at double the rate of Silicon Valley, while over 80% of the tech talent in Washington State has come from out of state

For a copy of the full 70-page report and 2018 report card you can access this link.

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