Start with the Exit in Mind: 10:00AM PDT March 27


The market remains very active. Private equity firms are increasingly relying on their portfolio companies to identify and acquire tuck-in acquisitions. In many cases the Private Equity sponsors are bringing big 4 accounting firms and tier-one law firms, to conduct legal and market due diligence, as well as quality of earnings analysis. In one recent transaction the buyer had 68 people registered in the data room – to buy a 40 employee company. Sellers seeking a strategic valuation need to be prepared and professional in the diligence process.

Having recently closed tuck-in transactions with buyers sponsored by Apollo, Tailwind, Heritage, and other leading firms, we have developed a playbook that we will share on an upcoming webinar with SecureDocs.

Titled “Start with the Exit In Mind”, this will be a refresher for veteran CEOs, technology investors and their portfolio companies, and a primer for startup entrepreneurs, on how to build value while being ready to excel during the due diligence process. And, we will talk in detail about a critical “X-Factor” that drives a valuation premium in every transaction.

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