Startup Law Podcast: timing, process and “relevance” in tech M&A

8:00AM December 14th, 2016

We were pleased to join Joe Wallin and Mike Schneider on their weekly podcast, where we discussed the best time to start preparing for exit (the answer might surprise you), how to become relevant to acquirers, and how the M&A … Continue reading

Bridging the Gap Between Buyers and Sellers: Best Practices for Tech M&A

8:00 AM PDT GoToWebinar conferencing tool December 07th, 2016

Sellers need to understand the M&A process in order to get maximum value for their companies. This webinar will examine best practices for sellers, and introduce the software platforms that can help increase value and minimize risk. CEOs, shareholders, Corporate … Continue reading

Best practices for tech M&A

November 17th, 2016

Recording a podcast with veteran startup lawyers Joe Wallin and Michael Schneider

Geekwire Summit

Seattle August 04th, 2016

Annual gathering of friends of Geekwire

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