CoMotion’s “Start with the Exit in Mind: M&A Planning for Startups” now available online

Download the Presentation here: Start with the Exit in Mind: M&A Planning for Startups

Access the seminar here:

On February 2nd, Nat Burgess joined the University of Washington’s CoMotion Labs for their “Fundamentals for Startups” session and shared insights regarding M&A planning for startups – namely, to “start with the exit in mind”. Along the way, he described how to build a great company, when to start an M&A process, how to manage it, and more.

The Presentation (linked above) is a short summary of the content covered. The full seminar is available for viewing, and is also linked above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nat and his team via email ( or phone (+1 (206) 971-1141).

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