At TechStrat we help entrepreneurs, CEOs and shareholders grow, fund and sell technology businesses. Our principals have managed successful engagements for over 20 years around the world.


Our clients are innovators.  They use technology to enable B2B business models that displace traditional business practices.  They arm their clients with scalable, agile software and services.  They find new ways to delight and retain their customers.  They create new infrastructure around data, IoT and security.  They are not prisoners of tradition and legacy business models.  Neither are we.

TechStrat is a strategic advisory firm focused on  maximizing the value private technology companies through M&A, and partnership with financial sponsors.  Our principals have over 100 years of experience in completing M&A transactions, raising growth capital, and delivering board-level strategic advisory services.  Our values are rooted in tradition (more on that shortly) but our practice lives in the future.

We offer transparency – in the form of clear, pragmatic opinions on a range of probable outcomes, and actionable advice to reach the best outcome.

Transparency also means delivering what we promise – both the people and the services.  We don’t bait and switch.  We focus on delivering high value to a select group of clients.

We value referrals.  Our goal is for 100% of new client engagements to come from referrals from prior clients, and the lawyers, accountants, funds, and buyers that we have worked with in the past.  We start every engagement with that end in mind; our future success is built on your success today.

Our practice lives in the future.  We harness the latest data resources, and our network of hundreds of industry leaders, in order to to deliver our highest value contributions as experienced, trusted advisors.

Let’s talk about your future.  How can we help?


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